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The audio mix is a Garthbeg production. The MP3 music file is made available for download and is yours to listen to, and share with other Caley Jags supporters. You may convert the file from MP3 to other formats to allow you to listen to the music on other suitable technology.The file is not for resale either on its own or distributed within a bundle without the written permission of the producers.

Garthbeg larches

Exclusive Audio Download

The team at the site is pleased to have had the site chosen to host this audio mix download. At over 8MB this MP3 sound file looks like it's only for those with broadband. However, everyone will want this so start the download and go and watch the television for the next hour or so.

Visible Noise (The Caley Jags mix) a Garthbeg production

This audio file has it all. Created to record and celebrate the teams achievement in winning the Bell's First Division championship for season 2003 - 2004. The mix contains samples of the radio commentary and chants from the supporters from this and a number of the preceding games in the season. This is interwoven with music from Welsh band Hybrid's latest CD Morning Sci-Fi. Clicking on the speaker icon to go to the download link.

The resulting file can be converted by CD-R burning software, such as Nero, to produce a stereo CD which can be played on your music CD player at home or in the car.

The music file is 8.308 MB in size, and has a play duration of 8 mins 53 secs.

The mix has been dedicated to Robbo and a copy of the CD will be at the stadium early next week.

After listening to the track please provide feedback via the forum. A thread is available on the main board and does not require you to register to leave a comment. Use the navigation bar at the top of this page to access the forum.


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