Media Files

Visible Noise Download

New Caley Jags mix to download.


This section contains the links to audio files. Sometimes video clips would require very large files to get over the same information. In those instances audio taken from the clip will be available here. Also audio files from the radio, live interviews by the team as well as crowd chants and drumming will be available within this section of the site.

North Tonight 21st May 2004

This audio file gives the clubs latest details on the possible ground share with Aberdeen FC. It contains statements from Graeme Bennett and David Stewart MP.

Championees 15th May 2004

Here the team sings championees while posing for pictures for a number of photographers after winning the top spot in the Bell's First Division.

North Tonight 19th April 2004

This is the clip from North Tonight, the night before Caley Jags Scottish Cup Semi Final Re-plat in Aberdeen. It also has Paul Ritchie commenting on John Robertson and the vacant managers job at Hibs.






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